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From: lee robbins
Subject: Experimentation 3Normal disclaimers apply. Don't read if you don't want to read about
sex. Don't read if you are underage. And don't read if you don't want to
read about bisexual/gay sex.*****************************I don't know what has happened to me over the past 2 days. I've gone from
straight, just shagging my girlfriends pussy, to now, where we shared a
dildo last night! My hole ached but it was a good ache, not a painfull
ache.I was sat on class, not really concentrating very well. This guy
walked into the room to see the tutor, he was HOT, wait he's hot?? I was
looking at his crotch and he had a decent bulge. I couldn't believe that I
was looking at him like that. I'm straight, I don't go for guys, or do I?Oh god, I thought, I'm gay. No wait, I'm not, I still like girls. So I
looked at a pretty one, looked at her tits, yum I thought. I looked back at
the guy, my asshole twitched and my cock throbbed. Fuck, I thought.He was hot though, I didn't know his name, but didn't care! He was about
6'1" tall. Slim, the tshirt he was wearing was a bit small for him, very
tight, but he had a body that should be shown off! You could see the pecs
through the tshirt, not bodybuilder size , but defined. The tshirt rode
just slightly above the cargo shorts he was wearing and I could see the
waistband of his underware, red the band young teen lolita love was, I remember it well! I looked
down his legs some dusting of dark hair then down to his feet, he was
wearing flip flops so I cud see the hair on his feet. I looked back up to
his face and he was looking at me, when our eyes met he smiled at me. Fuck,
I blushed, I'd been caught checking him out! Now he's gonna think I am a
poof! Wait, he's smiling. I was bright red in the face, I was trying to
avoid his eyes. Eventually I looked back up and he was still staring at me
with a smile. I looked back and did a small smile back at him.He left the room, and I came back to my senses. I sat back in my chair then
realised my cock was hard. Oh Jesus, I thought. The rest of the day went
without incident. I didn't see the sexy boy again that day.College finished and I headed to my girlfriends house as normal, well
normal for this week anyways! I went in the back door which was open and
she was there, and as normal was just wearing her panties. Her hot body was
on display for me and I felt the nice sensation if her turning me on. We
kissed, long and passionately and off came my shirt. She ran her hands over
my smooth skin and then over the front of my jeans, my cock responded by
going hard."let's go upstairs." she said, and led me by the hand upstairs.I was beginningvto like this coming home from college and straight into bed
with my girl! Especially recently! We stripped and started licking all over
each other, my cock disappeared into her mouth and she sucked away happily!
I just stood there letting her suck me down. I let her play with me for a
while, enjoying the attention I was getting. She got back up and we started
making out again and she pushed me down onto the bed. Next to me was a
blindfold, some handcuffs and a black butt plug that looked, not massive
but looked like it would strech me open a bit, if it was for me!She put the blindfold on me."now, lay on ur front, put your behind ur back and ass in the air." she
ordered me. I moved my body slowly, as I couldn't see. I moved myself into
position. Ass in the air, she backed up against my ass and handcuffed my
wrists behind my back. The left side of my face was on the bed, she moved
me a little, just so I was streched. I couldn't move properly, my legs were
streched open, my back arched, nearly nude little lolitas
ass in the air, face down, my own weight
pinning me in place. Must have been a sight! Her hands were then over my
ass, over my hole, I felt the dribble of cold lube on my hole. Then fingers
inside me. It felt good and I was moaning away as her fingers slid in and
out of me. Then I felt the toy at my entrance pushing against me. My hole
opening up accepting the end, feeling it strech me, feeling it move inside
me, my hole was opening up all around it, then it reached the end and
closed around the narrow part pushing the wide end deeper in me.My it felt good, teasing my prostate, I moaned away through the entire
process of my ass accepting the butt plug."I'll be back on a sec, don't go anywhere." she said to me. Not that I
could, or wanted to, I tensed and relaxed my hole moving the toy around on
my ass.I heard footsteps come back into the room and stand behind me. The butt
plug started to move, being manipulated, I moaned and said how good that
felt. It was then pulled, agonizingly slowly out of me, I gasped as it made
it's way out of my ass. Streching me again, just lolita illegal cp pedo as it was streching me the
widest it was pushed back in.I moaned as the pressure was applied and taken away. Finally it was pulled
all the way out.My hole was empty. I then felt a Tongue at my hole, licking and lapping
away at me. It felt so good, the tongue just flicked over my hole, teasing
me, I was wriggling and moaning for more.The tongue was taken away and I waited for what was next. Fingers traced
over my hole. And then pushed into me. These felt thicker than normal, a
second finger was inserted, this lolita illegal cp pedo was definetly thicker than
normal. Something was wrong here, the fingers were rougher on me as
well. Though it felt good something was wrong.The fingers were out, I started to try to move but 2 hands moved and
grabbed the sides of my ass, stopping me from going anywhere. These hands
were big, bigger than my girlfriends, and strong too."what the fuck." I said.I felt a body lean over mine. I was bigger than me. I felt breath by my
ear."hello my little slut, we're going to have some fun this evening." it was a
man voice, fuck, what do I do? Oh my god he was rimming and fingering
me. And "fun", what was he going to do to me? I soon found out as I felt
something top models lolita bbs against my hole. Shit, that's his cock! I did the only thing I
could think of and clenched my hole tight. The next thing was an almighty
slap and loads of pain on my ass. I cried out, as underaged lolita models nude the pain hit me, the guy
behind me used the opportunity to push his cock into me. I cried out again
as he pushed himself up my virgin ass till he came to rest with his pines
against my ass.Luckily I don't think the guy was that big, certainly didn't hurt too
much. But where the fuck was my girlfriend while I was being raped. I hope
she was ok."god, you are the hottest piece of boy pussy I have fucked in a long
time. I'm gonna enjoy every second I have with you, you are worth every
penny." he whispered in my ear as he slid in and out my hole.I was panting, his cock was poking at my prostate, I was being raped, my
head was saying get the fuck out of there but my body was betraying me."yeah little slut boy, push ur ass back agaisnt me" he said, and I did, I
was pushing back against his thrusts. His small underaged lolita models nude cock rubbing my prostate. I
was moaning as he fucked my once virgin hole.Wait..... Worth every penny he had said?? What the fuck, I wasn't being
raped, I'd been fucking pimped out. But by who? Had to be my GF, she tied
me up and blindfolded me. Fucking bitch!!"beg me to fuck you harder." he shouted at me, still pumping in a out of
me. I said nothing."BEG fucker!" he screamed at me and slapped my ass hard again."ahhhhhh," I screamed, "fuck me harder.""knew u wanted it little fucking fag boy." he said as he rammmed me hard a
couple of times, I winced each time he pushed in. This went on, he'd bark
at me, I wouldn't reply, he'd smack me on the ass and I'd say/do what he
wanted. I was getting hot, my head was filled with sensations and feelings
I couldn't talk, I just moaned and groaned."yes, fucking slut boy, I'm gonna cum in you lolita sex stories post
in a bit, you fucking want it
don't you bitch! Fucking beg for my spunk up your ass." he shouted.He was gonna cum in me? No condom? Oh god no, I hadn't answered. A hard
slap came Down on my right ass cheek."FUCK! Yes! Cum in my ass." I screamed not thinking about what I had said.He pumped away at me, getting ever closer. Eventually he pushed on hard and
stayed on, pulling my hips back into him. I felt him expand in me and I
knew what was happening, he had cum in me. I started crying. At least it
was over. But I had another mans cum in me."fuck yeah that was awesome." he said. "give me a minute and we'll go
again."I carried on crying. I felt him slide out of me, leaving me empty, except
for his cum.I felt the hand cuffs being undone. He took one hand out, I didn't
struggle, I moved my arms around. He rolled me on my back. Me pushed me up
the bed, raised my arms up, that hurt as they were sore from being on the
same position for ages. He handcuffed me to the top of the bed.I felt his eyes on my young teen lolita love
body, I felt his breath againgst my arm pits and he
licked them. Then he moved to my nipples, licking, sucking and nibbling
them.I had kinda given in to him, letting him have his way with me, least it
would then be over once he'd had his moneys worth out of me."my fucking god you are hot, ur pics don't do you justice." he said as he
licked over my abs.He pushed my legs back and reentered me. I moaned as his cum lubed the
entry, felt him push against my sweet spot and he was off again. Slipping
in and out of me. Slow, fast, soft, hard, he slapped against me. I felt his
hand grip hold of my cock. He started wanking me off. I didn't want to cum,
I didn't want him to know how much I liked this, not the being raped, but
the feeling of his cock in me was amazing. He was pumping in and out of me,
swearing at me, callin me names, making me beg him for more, if I didn't I
got slapped on the ass like before. He was using my body, using me to get
off in and I kinda liked it. With the blindfold on I had no idea what he
looked like, I couldn't touch him due to being chained to the bed. So I
imagined it was that guy from college today.That was a bad move, as soon as I pictured him in my head, his body, what I
thought his cock would look like. I moaned loads, like a whore and I
came. Spraying my chest and abs, it was a big load too!"fuckin hell, u cum like a horse." I felt his lips and tongue on by skin as
he ate it up. I was in post orgasm as he contiuned to fuck me.After about 10 more minutes, he started fucking harder, then he stifened
and drove in deep. I guess he was dumping a second load in me.He panted on my ear, my legs pushed right back.He kissed me on lolita sex stories post
the lips, I didn't move. And then he pulled out of me. I
heard rattling, then a zip doing up. It was over, thank fuck!"here is your money," I head a wrinkling of an envelope. "he was worth
every fucking penny, I have friends that probably like to use him, maybe an
evening for all of us?""yeah, we'll sort something out." that was my GF. I heard the door shut.I felt her undoing the handcuffs, she got one off, I pulled my hands down,
pulled off the blindfold and then threw her off me. She landed on the floor
in a thud."fuck, you bastard, that hurt." she said."fucking good! You fucking bitch, you young lolita sex pictures sold my ass?" I screamed at her,
getting my clothes on, I had to get out."you loved every minute of it - it watched you cum harder than ever and i
have it all on film too - lets watch it again and fuck." she said coldly."you are joking?" i said, "there is no way i am going near you, i hope you
fucking rot, bitch.""you go anywhere and this whole thing is on the internet, all your friends
can see you gettin fucked." she said smugly."all they will see is me gettin raped, and you will be seen as the bad egg
there." i countered."fuck off, noone will know its me behind the camera, you dont stay with me
and this goes out." she said and threw shy lolitas dark collections some money at me, "there thats
yours, guess u earned it, but i am going to get his friends to book you in
- we can make loads of money through this!"i picked up the money, it was 100, if that was half! i looked at her and
all i saw were signs."fuck off," i said and put my shirt on and started walking away out the
house."you are fucked then, all your friends are going to watch you get fucked,
they are all going to hate you." she saidi walked past her and stopped as she said that, i turned around and hit
her, she fell on the floor. "fuck off and die." i said to her and ran out
the house.****************************************************************thats it - part 3 over - part 4 soon :)
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